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Mysteries at the Museum is a television program that explains the history surrounding museum artifacts. Each episode exhibits artifacts from various museums around the country. The show then focuses on a few artifacts per episode, explaining the artifacts' origin, history, and the reason for its display.

Mysteries at the Museum is appropriate for most age levels, though is aimed mostly at an older viewing audience interested in learning about history. Each episode runs one-hour in length and examines several different artifacts. Viewers can use the information for personal interest, or to plan a trip to various U.S. cities to learn more regarding the featured museums and artifacts.

The show is hosted by Don Wildman, also known for his work on Weird Travels and Monumental Mysteries. The show airs on The Travel Channel. Check your local listings for day and time.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
21 Seasons, 333 Episodes
November 2, 2010
Family, History, Travel
Cast: Don Wildman
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Mysteries at the Museum Full Episode Guide

  • Don Wildman investigates a lost city in Honduras protected by a deadly curse, the first family that changed Christmas forever and a devastating bang that wreaked havoc on a small Canadian town.

  • Don Wildman explores a clever con onboard the RMS Titanic, investigates a murder mystery solved by the real-life Sherlock Holmes and examines the reinvention of an iconic Olympian.

  • Don Wildman examines letters that crossed an ocean on a treacherous plane ride, a map of an island shrouded in mystery and a French sword similar to one that inspired a literary masterpiece.

  • Don investigates an epicurean escapade in space, a White House conspiracy and the brave woman who cooked up a stunning military victory.

  • Don Wildman investigates an epicurean escapade in space, a White House conspiracy and the brave woman who cooked up a stunning military victory.

  • Don Wildman investigates one of New York's bravest firefighters, and a shipwreck rumoired too contain millions of dollars worth of gold and a storm of biblical proportions.

  • Don Wildman explores the race to the Moon between the United States and the Soviet Union; he straps into a human centrifuge, meets an astronaut who actually went to the Moon and learns just how close the United States came to losing the space race.

  • Don Wildman examines the rise of Hollywood's most famous four-legged star, the origins of the greatest folk hero in the Wild Wild West, and an extraordinary battle of the biceps.

  • Don Wildman travels to Alexandria, Egypt, in search of the lost tomb of Cleopatra, where he hopes to discover the true legacy of one of history's most mysterious and iconic female leaders.

  • Don Wildman investigates a pestilent stench that almost overpowered a president, a dangerous incident aboard the very first space shuttle and the most incredible college prank of all time.

  • Don Wildman uncovers some of the Cold War's most closely guarded secrets and discovers just how close we actually came to nuclear Armageddon.

  • Don investigates a roadside repair on the surface of the moon, a pair of opera-loving sisters who took on the Nazis and the surprising story behind one of the world's most popular sports.

  • Don throws open the books on the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby. He goes inside the crime scene, retraces the investigation and puts the official account of how it all happened to the test.

  • Don Wildman investigates a beloved British author's heroics in the face of a real-life cliffhanger, a plane crash that forever changed aviation safety, and the clever cup that saved a popular facial hair fad.

  • Don Wildman investigates JFK's four-legged running mate, a daring plan to destroy a Nazi superweapon and the photographer who survived a volcanic eruption.

  • Don examines a perilous plunge, a mysterious light and a curious contagion.

  • Don investigates an explosive tale of a four-legged hero, a fearsome creature found in a Montana lake and a pilot's attempt to push the boundaries of aviation.

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